Photo Scanning

Converting your family memories into a digital format is an endeavor worth taking on. With our photo scanning service, we will archive your memories for all generations, present and future, to enjoy. We know your photos are one of a kind, so we take great pride in caring for them while they are in our possession. We handle your photos by hand carefully, in every respect.

When digitizing we only use the highest grade flat-bed photo scanners. Photos are first cleaned with compressed air which removes any extra dust from the photos. We then scan them one at a time, without the use of auto-fed scanning machines that can mangle your photos.

Photo Scanning Service covers loose photos from wallet size to 5x7s. (For larger sizes, please refer to artwork scanning). You can choose the scanning resolution to be 300dpi or 600dpi. The file size of a 5”x7” photo scanned @300dpi will be around 9MB (2100pxX1500px), whereas 600dpi will be approximately 36MB (4200pxX3000px.)

Our experienced technicians will crop, rotate and do a basic color correction to the digital images. All scans are saved as 8 bit, sRGB, TIFF file unless otherwise requested. Black and white scans, when saved as grayscale, will be one third the file size of color images. Once the scans have been inspected, they can be archived to a DVD, USB Drive, or transmitted to you via our file server. Please specify the way you want to receive the scans when placing an order.

In-Album Photo /In-Frame Photo Scanning

The cost for scanning photos in an album will be 50% more than the cost of scanning loose photos. For photos that need to be taken out of a frame, we charge $100 per half-hour to extract or otherwise manipulate the images. See all scanning prices.

User-Recommended Upgrades:

  • Basic Restoration: A flat rate of $10 per image for most corrections (color balance, levels, brightness, contrast as well as minor scratch and blemish removal). A technician will inspect and manually adjust each image; we don’t rely on an automated computer program to judge what looks good to the human eye.
  • Advanced Restoration: $300 per half hour for image reconstruction (fixing deep/wide scratches, scuffs, damage from tape/glue).

Merging Panoramic Large images:

We can combine your separate pano images into one seamless view or create a digital mosaic.

Color Correct:

We have color profiles and calibrated monitors to get the ultimate color output for your job.

RAW, PSD, TIFFS, or JPG: If you shoot with a DSLR we prefer RAW (DNG) files. If you shoot with a regular digital camera, save them in the highest format it will allow you (TIFF or JPG). If you create your work in Photoshop, save them to size as PSDs or TIFFS. If your original work was JPG, that’s fine, we will optimize it for the best possible output.

Please, contact us if you need additional information about high resolution photo scanning service.


We take every possible step to protect the originals entrusted to us but under no circumstance shall we be liable for any damages arising out of the service we provide. To protect your privacy and artistic integrity, we will delete the files that you sent to us for output or the files that we scan for you 4 weeks after the job is completed.

Important note about data backup:

DVDs, USB sticks and USB hard drives have an average life expectancy of many years, However, they can become malfunction after a short period of time or simply lose their data. If your scans are saved on DVDs, USB-stick or on an external USB hard drive, it is necessary that you check the files and make an additional backup immediately after receiving the storage media.