Artwork Scanning

High-resolution flatbed scanning is suitable for flat artwork or photographic prints up to A0 size, and even larger. Normal spotting of dust and minor scratches is included in the preparation. We will also adjust color, exposure and contrast to create a file that will result in a pigment (giclée) print or photographic print that best represents your image. Normally, this will be as close a reproduction of the artwork or print as we can achieve.

Please keep in mind that artwork with a highly reflective surface (e.g. varnished oil paintings, certain charcoal drawings, etc.) may result in scanned files with light glares, a lower level of detail or reduced color fidelity. Correction of more serious damage to the original artwork or print, or improving a file with scanning deficiencies, as well as extraordinary work of any kind on the image file, may entail extra charges.

All scans are saved as 8 bit, sRGB, TIFF file, unless otherwise requested. Black and white images scanned in grayscale mode would be one third the file size of color scan. To help determine what size scan you might need for printing, refer to our File Size Chart.

Once the scans have been inspected, they can be archived to a DVD, USB Drive, or transmitted to you via our file server. Please specify the way you want to receive the scans when placing an order. Please view our scanning prices and feel free to contact us for additional information.


We take every possible step to protect the originals entrusted to us but under no circumstance shall we be liable for any damages arising out of the service we provide. To protect your privacy and artistic integrity, we will delete the files that you sent to us for output or the files that we scan for you 4 weeks after the job is completed. See our liability disclaimer for more information.

Important note about data backup:

DVDs, USB sticks and USB hard drives have an average life expectancy of many years, However, they can become malfunction after a short period of time or simply lose their data. If your scans are saved on DVDs, USB-stick or on an external USB hard drive, it is necessary that you check the files and make an additional backup immediately after receiving the storage media.