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Inkjet (Giclée) print is frequently referred to these days as pigment print because that is a more descriptive term. Inkjet (Giclée) printing applies the latest pigment based inks to premium substrates made of 100% acid-free cotton rag, or alpha cellulose.

Pigment inks offer a truly flexible solution for creative professionals. They are carefully formulated for durability, water resistance and excellent handling ability across a broad media set. Pigment inks enable professional labs to output superb-quality prints that will resist fading for more than 200 years.

While photographic prints are somewhat limited in paper choices, paper manufacturers have brought us new surfaces and finishing in the past decade, including photo, watercolor, canvas, textured and fine arts papers. An inkjet (Giclée) output on archival heavy weight substrates offers greater UV stability and increased longevity over chromogenic color prints that are produced from exposing film through traditional enlargers.

Specifically designed for photos and graphics, the process of inkjet (Giclée) printing is interpretive, creative and richly beautiful. With the added control afforded by digital imaging techniques, Inkjet (Giclée) printing can create stunning prints with deep blacks, uncompromised color gamut, high saturation, and gradations hard to achieve with other media. Inkjet (Giclée) printing has achieved the ultimate in image fidelity while maintaining a quality and collectability standard.

HKI offers inkjet (Giclée) printing services to painters, photographers, and digital artists who generally make reproductions of their original two-dimensional artwork, photographs, or computer-generated art. An inkjet (Giclée) output on archival substrates has become a norm in exhibition enlargements as well as artwork reproduction and collection that is accepted by museums, galleries, and collectors worldwide.

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