File Size Chart

This chart was created to assist you in determining what file size is ideal for scanning and printing. Although it is sometimes possible to enlarge a 200dpi file, please note that most methods of printing technology at HKI require a 300dpi file and therefore we usually recommend a scan at the 300dpi size. If you have specific questions about a particular job, please contact us.

Print Size
150 dpi200 dpi300dpi
4 x 51 MB2 MB5 MB
5 x 72 MB4 MB9 MB
6 x 93 MB6 MB14 MB
8 x 105 MB9 MB20 MB
9 x 12 or A47 MB12 MB28 MB
11 x 1410 MB18 MB40 MB
12 x 18 or A314 MB25 MB56 MB
16 x 2021 MB37 MB82 MB
18 x 24 or A228 MB50 MB111 MB
20 x 2431 MB55 MB124 MB
24 x 34 or A153 MB93 MB210 MB