Scanning Services

At Hong Kong Imaging we offer a broad range of scanning services for a wide range of media including positive and negative films, artworks, photos, as well as books and documents.

High-resolution Film Scanning is highly recommended when a scanned image is going to be enlarged and used in high-end applications, such as museum-quality archiving of photographs, fine art exhibitions and print production of high-quality books.

While flatbed scanner cannot handle transparent work, it is capable of capturing very subtle details on reflective originals on paper. High-resolution Artwork Scanning can digitally capture the subtle details or/and brushstrokes of oil paintings, calligraphy as well as collages and photographic images.

Whether you have a box of old photos or an entire photo album, our Loose Photo Scanning services will preserve your most valuable memories before the prints fade and deteriorate.

Using high-speed scanners and the most advanced document processing software, we also offer a complete set of Large Volume Document Scanning services with various indexing and disposal options.

Our nondestructive Whole Book Scanning service is the best way to produce searchable high-quality e-book without damaging the original hard copy. Should you prefer a fast, easy and more affordable way to digitize a book, you can use our destructive book scanning service, which requires the removal of the book spine and the pages are cut at the margins.

Please select an option from the menu below for more information on our various scanning services. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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