Converting your family memories into a digital format is an endeavor worth taking on. At HKI, we will archive your memories for all generations, present and future, to enjoy. We know your photos are one of a kind, so we take great pride in caring for them while they are in our possession. We handle your photos by hand carefully, in every respect.

When digitizing we only use the highest grade flat-bed photo scanners. Photos are first cleaned with compressed air which removes any extra dust from the photos. We then scan them one at a time, without the use of auto-fed scanning machines that can mangle your photos.

Our experienced technicians are trained to manually remove dust and red-eye; they crop, rotate and color correct the images, giving your prints that extra professional look. Once all the photos have been digitized and inspected, they will be burned to a DVD/CD disc (unless otherwise specified by the customer).

Our "Quick Photo Scan" service covers photo sizes from wallet prints to 5x7s. (For larger sizes, please refer to our artwork scanning service.) We also provide services on Photo Restoration, Contact Proof Print and Photo Slideshow, please contact us for details. There is a $100 minimum for all orders.

To see scanning prices, please go to Scanning prices

File Format: Files are in JPEG format. If you would like TIFF files please add $2 per image.


In-Album Photo /Non-Standard Photo Scanning

The cost for scanning photos in an album is exactly twice the cost for scanning loose photos. So please double what the listed price is on  the price list at Scanning prices for photos inside photo albums.

For all non-standard photos such as newspapers and photos that need to be taken out of a frame we charge $100 per half-hour to extract or otherwise manipulate the images, as we take the utmost care in maintaining the integrity of your photos.

User-Recommended Upgrades

Basic Restoration: HKI charges a flat rate of $10 per image for most corrections (color balance, levels, brightness, contrasting as well as minor scratch and blemish removal). A technician will inspect and manually adjust each image; we don't rely on an automated computer program to judge what looks good to the human eye.

Advanced Restoration: HKI charges $250 per half hour for image reconstruction (fixing deep/wide scratches, scuffs, damage from tape/glue).





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