Inkjet (giclée) combines the beauty and brilliance of this printing technology with the use of pigments and a variety of substrates. While photographic prints are somewhat limited in paper choices, paper manufacturers have brought us new surfaces and finishing in the past decade. An inkjet (giclée) output on archival canvas, watercolor or even glossy paper that resembles traditional darkroom materials has become a norm in exhibition enlargements as well as artwork reproduction and collection. These heavy weight substrates create stunning prints with deep blacks, uncompromised color gamut, saturation, and gradations hard to achieve with other media.


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****All images are color managed on monitors that are directly calibrated to our printers.  We also create our own colour profiles rather than using generic ones, to ensure you get the best possible results. That, along with the discriminating eye of our highly trained technicians, makes our prints spectacular.  
****Print sizes not listed in pricing charts will be billed at the next larger size print price.