foam board with black rim

At Hong Kong Imaging we offer a number of foamboard mounting options for artwork as a cost-effective alternative to traditional framing. Please, review some common options below or contact our staff for more information.


Fine Art Print on Foamboard with Rim

For reference, below are the prices of some common sizes of mounted artwork, using Fine Art paper and 5mm Foamboard, imported Germany (KAPAline or KAPAfix).

The prices include printing on non-archival art paper (matte, luster, or glossy), the foamboard mounting, and the black plastic rim. Contact us for pricing on custom artwork sizes or for printing on archival papers.



Ready-to-Hang Mounted Artwork Size


Fine Art Print on
KAPALine Board with Black Rim

Fine Art Print on
KAPAFix Board with Black Rim

9"x12" (A4) HK$ 215 HK$ 236
 12"x18" (A3) HK$ 360 HK$ 404
18"x24" (A2) HK$ 601 HK$ 700
24"x36" (A1) HK$ 1,131 HK$ 1,304
36"x48" (A0) HK$ 2,326 HK$ 2,671




kapalineKAPAline: Lightweight board with pigmented chromo-substitute carton-sheet covering layers. A classic board for decorative applications.


kapafixKAPAfix: Self-adhesive rapid action mounting board with aluminum-reinforced, chromo-substitute carton-sheet covering layers. It’s excellent flatness and dimensional stability provides a ready-to-mount base for digital printing and large format photos.