Gallery Wrap is one of the most popular methods to display art. It is a method of stretching a canvas print around the edges of a wooden frame, called a Stretcher Bar. It is called a "wrap" because the image wraps around the stretcher, and therefore appears on the sides of the frame, in addition to the front. Approximately 1 to 3 inches of the print on each side will be used to mount the canvas. The area of the image that goes on the sides of the frame can be a solid color, or a mirrored extension of the original image.

Hong Kong Imaging offers stretcher bars with various thickness. Please, refer to the table below for pricing details:


Archival Canvas Printing + Gallery Wrap 

Prices below include fine art printing on Archival Canvas and the Gallery Wrap.

Final Artwork

Stretcher Bar Thickness  (Prices in HK$)
20 mm 25 mm 30 mm 38 mm
8"x10" $392 $408 $424 $440
9"x12" (A4) $500 $522 $543 $565
11"x14" $719 $750 $781 $812
12"x18" (A3) $923 $967 $1,010 $1,053
16"x20" $1,183 $1,247 $1,311 $1,375
18"x24" (A2) $1,550 $1,636 $1,723 $1,809


Please contact us for custom sizes that are not included above.

If you're interested in printing only, without Gallery Wrap, please view our Printing Pricelist