Gallery Wrap is one of the most popular methods to display art. It is a method of stretching a canvas print around the edges of a wooden frame, called a Stretcher Bar. It is called a "wrap" because the image wraps around the stretcher, and therefore appears on the sides of the frame, in addition to the front. Approximately 1.5 to 2 inches of the print on each side will be used to mount the canvas. The area of the image that goes on the sides of the frame can be a solid color or a mirrored extension of the original image.

Hong Kong Imaging offers stretcher bars with various thicknesses. Please, refer to the table below for pricing details:


Archival Canvas Print with Gallery Wrap 


Artwork Dimensions

Stretcher Bar Thickness  (Prices in HK$)
20 mm 25 mm 30 mm 38 mm
11"x14" $719 $750 $781 $812
12"x18" (A3) $923 $967 $1,010 $1,053
16"x20" $1,183 $1,247 $1,311 $1,375
18"x24" (A2) $1,550 $1,636 $1,723 $1,809


Please contact us for custom sizes that are not included above.

Above prices are dimensions of gallery wrapped artwork. Please refer to our Printing Pricelist if you only want to order a canvas print. Please make sure that you add 1.5” - 2” border to the image for wrapping in the future.