Fine Art Print on Foamboard with Wooden Frame and Backing
No Window Mat, No Glass

Framed Artwork Size

Frame Molding Size

Cost of Printing and Framing


9"x12" (A4) 15mm x 15mm HK$ 225
 12"x18" (A3) 15mm x 15mm HK$ 393
18"x24" (A2) 15mm x 15mm HK$ 602
24"x36" (A1) 20mm x 20mm HK$ 1,228
36"x48" (A0) 20mm x 20mm HK$ 2,499


There is a very wide variety of framing options. Several variables must be specified in order to determine the exact specification of a framing project.


Traditional Frame

Traditional FramingThe Traditional Frame is a very popular classic framing option, and it is most frequently used by galleries and museums worldwide.




Box Frame

Box FrameThe Box Frame (also known as "Spacer") is another popular option.






Box Frame with Mat

Box FrameThe Box Frame with Mat combines features of the Box frame with the Traditional frame.







Float Mounting

Float FrameThe Float Mounting is a framing option that has gained popularity in recent years.






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